Chaplain Rickey Hargrave 

ICPC Order of Merit 2010

To present the message someone has to go and someone has to help support. Through the affiliation with many groups and individuals the message is being presented.

 It is often harder to go than it is to give to a valid, worthwhile ministry.  Eternal thanks to the following for their unwavering support.

The International Conference of Police Chaplains elected Rickey as Secretary in 2003.  He was elected each year since until this year when he chose to step down as Secretary, giving way for younger Chaplains to progress. He holds the FELLOW credential with ICPC.  Rickey trains on the local, state, national and international levels and is part of Region 7 of the ICPC.  

 After pastoring for 18 years, Rickey left the active pulpit to serve Law Enforcement and Fire Departments as Chaplain. Now retired from Public Safety Chaplaincy, He serves as the Director of Pastoral Care at Texoma Medical Center in Denison, Texas. The unique blend of ministries gives Chaplain Hargrave a special perspective on the needs of men and women in the physical, emotional and spiritual realm.

A growing fellowship of believers, Chestnut Community Church, invited Rickey to return to the pastorate and they now meet at 309 N. Chestnut Street in McKinney.  Rickey teaches the Word of God each Sunday at 9:00 am.  Their prayers and continued encouragement constantly strengthens the ministry opportunities.
Through International Commission Chaplain Hargrave helped churches and people fulfill the Great commission by going into the world with the Good News. Previous work with IC includes projects in India, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Hungary, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, and Argentina. 
In September of 2012 Rickey began a 2 year term as president of the Lone Star Parliamentary Unit; What an excellent opportunity to learn from those who have served conventions, boards, and meetings, on local as well as the National stage; maintaining order in a proper format. He continues to serve as webmaster for the group.  

 We are always grateful for past financial support for the spread of the gospel from Helical Concepts, Inc.  and Hargrave & Hargrave Foundation Repair. Thank you Ronnie, Randy, and Susan.

Follow the links and you will see the dynamic inter-twining of people, prayer, and provision that makes up the ministry of presence practiced by Chaplain Rickey Hargrave.

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